Day 13 – Huahine Southwest

April 14, 2016

It was a ‘sleep in’ morning and most of us slept until 9am. About 9:30a we got the radio call to come pick Sheven & Charlie up after their surprise resort stay. A quick last stop at the legendary store and we were ready to depart.

Sheven is the skipper today & we are headed down the west side of Huahine, within the lagoon. We pass by some very beautiful resorts & homes and finally turn up into Haapu Bay, next to the village of Haapu.

As we are getting ready to grab a mooring we are hit by the hardest squall/rainstorm that we’ve experienced on this trip. It was absolutely dumping rain & sometimes blowing it sideways. Everyone was laughing and totally drenched. We ended up motoring slowly in circles until it calmed down a little, then we clicked on the bridle and Sheven & Charlie jumped in the water to rig the bow lines.

They reported that the water was unusually warm, and soon everyone on the boat was in the water checking it out. Indeed, it was almost bathwater warm & we guessed there is some kind of geo-thermal/volcanic reason for this.

We could really hear the rainfall of the squall as it was approaching our boat. Kind of a static/white noise that grew louder and louder until the rain was hammering us. Pretty neat.

It continued to drizzle most of the afternoon, and we finally realized we weren’t going to have another day of blinding sunshine as we have on all the other days of this trip.

Everyone adapted well & settled into playing some games, doing small repairs, reading, etc. A mellow afternoon/evening. I’ve been plowing through the 1000+ photos we have taken to figure which ones we will post when we finally get internet. Susan was, of course, cooking yummy food for dinner.

None of us have really been on the internet or seen any news for almost 14 days now. Our families know how to contact us via the satellite phone, but we have had no calls, emails or other internet interaction. We speculate that if there had been any big national or international crisis we would have heard someone talking about it at the store or walking down the street. Although we don’t really know … we haven’t seen anyone else reading the news, etc. either.

Its interesting to be this disconnected & I think other than missing family, friends & (of course!) pets we all like this idea of being out of touch.

Tomorrow we plan to head north to the pass near the village of Fare, then west to the southeast pass on the island of Tahaa. We will stay the night around there so that on Saturday, we can bop down to northern Raiatea & return our beautiful boat.

We have a reservation to hang out on Saturday during the day at a resort where we can do laundry, shower, swim in a pool, etc. before our long flight home on Saturday night.

No internet as usual, so this post is going up via Sat phone – lots of photos & videos will be posted back on this page when we get a connection.

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