About Our Boat

Zia Romping in the Columbia River, summer 2013. Photo by Chris Harley.

Zia is a Morgan 384 built in 1983 by Morgan Yacht Company, Largo, Florida, USA.  She is sloop rigged and 38’4″ length overall.

She was designed by legendary sailboat designer Ted Brewer.

They say she has berths for 7 people, but realistically I’d say she can comfortably accommodate 4 adult humans for overnighters, maybe 5 if they are intimate.  Day sailing she can easily accommodate 7-8 people.

She’s got quite a rugged build, but still performs very well.  She’s a capable blue water boat and people have sailed Morgan 38s all over (and around) the world.

Morgan 384 Brochure
Brochure from 1983 with specification on Morgan 384


Looking rather 80s-ish: centerfold of the 1983 Morgan 38 Brochure
Looking rather 80s-ish: centerfold of the 1983 Morgan 38 Brochure. For the full effect, you  need to listen to  Eye of the Tiger by Survivor as you look at this.

Our Zia has spent a good part of her life in fresh water on the Columbia River.  Prior to that, she lived in Santa Barbara and San Francisco, California.

One of the previous owners must have liked the southwest USA, because she’s named after the Zia Pueblo in New Mexico and the decor had a very pronounced ‘southwest’ motif.  Her name painted on the stern also had the New Mexican ‘Sun Symbol’ as seen on license plates from that state.


Ironically, I used to live in the southwest USA (on and near the Navajo reservation) and have been to Zia Pueblo.

Sailboats are a lot of work to properly maintain.  We think the most recent previous owners liked the ‘idea’ of owning a boat more than the ‘reality’ and for the 8 years prior to our ownership, she appears to have had minimal use and maintenance.    She also didn’t have any of the ‘funky’ Do It Yourself (DIY) repairs we’ve seen on many other boats.  Her bones were very good and with some TLC, we knew she would be a gem.

Prior to the most recent previous owners, the folks who owned her (in California) obviously spent a lot of time/money on equipment, upgrades, and maintenance.  In researching on the internet, it looks like she won her class in the Baja Ha Ha (rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas) in 1997.

Zia at Dock in Rainer Washington
Zia and crew hanging out on the dock at Rainer, OR. Summer 2013 trip down the river. Lower right is Dingus Khan, our tattered but faithful dingy.