Day 0: Athens Gathering/Supplying

This is the start of our 2 week charter catamaran trip around the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea, Greece.

5/8ths of the crew has arrived in Athens. Daniel & June arrived first and did an excellent recon job. Found grocery store, found the boat (it wasn’t trivial). Mark, Suz, Sheven arrived Friday early evening. Strolled around marina and found what we thought was the boat (it wasn’t).

Daniel & June were told the boat is named ‘Sunday’ and it’s off on a different dock. They found the boat in the large marina, amoungst 100s of vessels. The owner was still doing last-minute provisioning and gearing up – we think this is the first charter of the season for her. They said the boat looked great, which is nice since she’ll be our home for 2 weeks! She’s a Lagoon 420, which is a 42 FT cruising catamaran.

Athens is as I remembered it from about 20 years ago. Quite a sprawling urban place. Like any city, a real mix of people, busy, a little dirty. Everyone has been very nice so far, although there were a group of rowdies howling outside our hotel window until at least 5am. Which is why I’m down in the lobby killing time and starting a blog.

It’s very early in the season, so it’s kind of cool (about 58 F) when we were walking around the marina/beach. The Poseidon Hotel is a nice place, although (as usual) not quite as jazzy as it appears on their web site. The location is excellent, though, and rooms are perfectly adequate (although tiny) and the whole bathroom floor floods when you take a shower.

Little did we know that the plumbing issue was a tiny bit of foreshadowing related to our water/wastewater future in Greece.

Here is a photo of the Beach Bar – we were guessing we would find Daniel and June there, but alas, it was deserted.

Our hotel's beach scene. Not a single swimsuit in sight.
Our hotel’s beach scene. Not a single swimsuit in sight.


Photo from advertisement of our hotel's beach
Photo from advertisement of our hotel’s beach



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