Day 5 – To The Pitons, St. Lucia

Sheven on the trampoline - the Pitons in the background
Sheven on the trampoline – the Pitons in the background

A minor kerfuffle┬áin paradise: we got Sheven at the airport last night. Kelley dingyed me to the Coal Pot dock, where I met Winston, our scalawag taxi driver. He had ripped us off earlier, but we came back for more. I rode with him to the airport (about 1 mile), grabbed Sheven, then he dropped us back at the dock. We had previously agreed to $20, and (of course) when he dropped us off he said he meant $20 per person. I gave him $40 because I didn’t feel like bickering. Then he said that a tip would be nice. I put on my most menacing face and got very close to his face and said “Look, Winston, you ripped us off earlier today, you just ripped us off again. Now you want a tip. Things will work out a lot better for you if you are honest and people will know you are an operator they can trust. Instead, I’m going to put this on the internet and warn anyone going to Castries – avoid a taxi driver named Winston.”

I wasn’t really that upset, but he clammed up and bolted. I think the psycho persona can come in handy sometimes.

We awoke to the loudspeakers from two big cruise ships that had pulled in near us in the early morning. The captain was giving everyone instructions for disembarking. This is the same place that Susan and I had visited on a cruise ship several years ago. I never thought I’d go on a cruise ship, but we had a blast.

Big cruise ship at Castries
Big cruise ship at Castries. Photo by Sheven

We sailed south along the coast. Perfect sailing conditions.

Mark at Helm, big blue sky. Photo by Sheven
Mark at Helm, big blue sky. Photo by Sheven

We tucked into a small bay called Anse Cochon. This is the same bay we had visited with our friends Daniel and June while on the cruise. I remember watching a Cat come anchor in the bay and telling Susan that I would really like to come back in a Cat. And here we are.

Back to A bay - where we had visited previously with Daniel and June
Back to Anse Cochon Bay – where we had visited on a previous trip with Daniel and June. Photo by Sheven

We got a mooring ball and did some snorkeling on the south side of the bay. Good exercise but the water was quite cloudy due to the surge that was rolling into the bay. We then sailed further south and into Soufriere Bay. Grabbed a mooring ball near the bat caves with an incredible view of the Pitons, two primeval looking peaks that rise 2400 and 2600 FT out of the water.

View of the Pitons from our mooring
View of the Pitons from our mooring. Photo by Sheven

All day, we’ve been harassed by boat boys, aka boat vendors. We first politely tell them that we don’t need anything, but thank you anyway. Sometimes we give them a beer for good measure.


Some of them are quite aggressive and keep following us and shouting things at us. I then put on my menacing psycho persona and tell them “Leave us, NOW.” That usually works. I know they are just trying to make a living, but the really aggressive ones are quite irritating.

Kelley, Loren, and Sheven go snorkeling near the boat and get stung by jellyfish. I’d like to find out why they are here, but we haven’t encountered them anywhere else.

Incredible sunset at our anchorage
Incredible sunset at our mooring near the Pitons. Photo by Sheven

I finally figure out how to set the anchor alarm on the chart plotter – an extra bit of comfort/security as we sleep.

This is such a pretty place, we might head over to another mooring ball that is between the two Pitons tomorrow. We don’t need to be in St. Vincent until Sunday to pick up dad, so there is no pressure to be burning the miles.

No access to internet again, so this is going up via Sat phone.

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